Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mitred Jacket update

I need to get rid of this knitting funk and finish this darn jacket! My class was over in September, yet here it sits. I finished the left side last night. The next step is to join the two halves together in the back and then do a border along the front center and bottom with more of the blue Malibrigo yarn.

I am very pleased that the striping seems to match, so I managed to keep that consistent (whew!). I also like the size of the stripes with the black. I'm anxious to see it finished.

I'm a little concerned that the half I just finished seems to be slightly under one inch shorter than the first half - but I'm hoping that's due to it sitting condensed in a plastic bag since early September. The directions say to do the kitchener stitch to join at the back seam but.... it's garter stitch.... I'm going to do the 3 needle bind off. I'll let you know how it turns out! ;)

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