Sunday, October 01, 2006

London Beanie

I managed to squeeze in a couple hours of knitting this weekend. I bought this yarn with my eldest son in mind. The colors are the same as the MN Wild hockey team. I made him the London Beanie. It was too big so I had to pull out the top and re-make it 10 rows smaller. He likes it much better now. ;)

It is made with Katia Tundra color 6705 that is 50% wool, 40% acrylic and 10% viscose so I'm almost certain he can't felt this hat.

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Anonymous said...

I love that beanie. And the long haired cool kid doing his homework is pretty neat too. We've got the long hair thing going here too. I did argue with Max to get about 2 inches cut off, but I don't know that I can tell! Enjoy those boys :)