Sunday, February 20, 2011

I got to SPIN!

I was thrilled to attend an all-day Spinning workshop at the Minnesota Textile Center.   (Definitely recommend their classes)

They introduced us to the spinning wheel, gave us some pointers and then gave us fiber and let us play.  They even let me use a wheel that is exactly the same as the one I have at home so I could get some practice.

I am so pleased with my results.  I can't believe it was my first - definitely not perfect but I made it!  ;-)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spiral Hat addiction

Here's a spiral hat for me that I finished out of some Misti Alpaca Hand Painted Chunky this winter.  It was the first time I had knit the spiral hat pattern from Tangled skein and it wound up being very addicting!

I started this on February 2nd and finished it on the 3rd... details are here

It turned out really well and both my teen age sons said I could wear it in public so it must look half way decent on me as well - yipee!

This is another spiral hat I made out of one skein of Berrocco's Borealis yarn that was new at The Tangled Skein.

It was a valentine gift for someone...

...and guess what - ANOTHER spiral hat!

This one for a valentine for a spunky blonde in our life that totally rocked it.

This one was made with part of a skein of Berrocco's Vintage Chunky in black to match her black and gold Gustie mittens.

Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of the finished hat.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Garter Cowl

Bonnie is the inspiration for this garter stitch cowl that shows off the lovely Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Chunky yarn.

Ravelry details are here

Cast on 30 stitches and knit every row.
Slip the first stitch of each row purlwise.
Bind off when the yarn is almost out and sew ends together offset.
Top half of one side to bottom half of the other side to form a circle.