Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spiral Hat addiction

Here's a spiral hat for me that I finished out of some Misti Alpaca Hand Painted Chunky this winter.  It was the first time I had knit the spiral hat pattern from Tangled skein and it wound up being very addicting!

I started this on February 2nd and finished it on the 3rd... details are here

It turned out really well and both my teen age sons said I could wear it in public so it must look half way decent on me as well - yipee!

This is another spiral hat I made out of one skein of Berrocco's Borealis yarn that was new at The Tangled Skein.

It was a valentine gift for someone...

...and guess what - ANOTHER spiral hat!

This one for a valentine for a spunky blonde in our life that totally rocked it.

This one was made with part of a skein of Berrocco's Vintage Chunky in black to match her black and gold Gustie mittens.

Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of the finished hat.

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