Monday, June 30, 2008

Cabin Landscaping

Tom gave us a wonderful gift this weekend!

The road at the cabin goes through the back of everyone's lots. Over time, the road has moved closer and closer to our cabins. Our neighbors are in the process of building a cabin (they had campers they pulled in each year) and in doing so, we have pulled together and straightened the road. In order to keep it straight now, we wanted to put some sort of boundary at the corners of our lot to make sure it was clear where the road was.

Tom has used his first full paycheck from work to landscape this old road area for us and he did it all on his own, from the planning to the actual doing of the project. He borrowed the tiller from Grandpa and tilled the entire area (50 feet x almost 30 feet), then spread a pick up load of black dirt on top and sodded the area. He also put in split rail fencing at each corner. I bought some lilac and forsythia bushes to go in the corners and it looks fantastic.

Jim and Chris were at a hockey tournament all weekend so he asked Jim to come out Sunday afternoon after they returned so he could show him his project.

We are so proud of him! (click on the pictures to see them bigger)


On June 14th, Niece #1 married the love of her life. We were honored to be a part of their day.

Cut It OFF!

After growing my hair for over 2 years I just couldn't take it anymore.

Long hair looks gorgeous on everyone else but it just wasn't very flattering on me. I also hated to fuss with it so I wound up pulling it up all the time.

Last Tuesday a friend and I went to the local "beauty shop" with a bottle of wine and proceeded to cut our long hair. She came out with a chin length bob (gorgeous!) and a donation to Locks of Love of 10 inches of hair. My hair wasn't long enough for that but I did get rid of a huge pile of it. I love it!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Parental Supervision required

Mommy and Daddy went to the WalMart Supercenter near our cabin to get groceries for our first weekend there. I stayed home to watch "the boys" and see if I could get them to let me chase the fish near the shore.

There were 5 GROCERY items on Mommy and Daddy's list.

They came home with 5 huge bags of groceries and Mommy got this...

Daddy got this....

Mommy's fits in her pocket and takes cool pictures and videos of me - Daddy's is huge and I don't get anything from it!

Here's a video Mom took of me playing with the neighbor puppies off the dock

Here's one of me doing some morning fishing for those darn sunnies that swim around my legs teasing me

Here's some shots Mom took while she was playing with her camera. They are of Dad and my big brothers.

I better go supervise - Mom and biggest brother are putting together Dad's new grill while Dad and littlest brother are off to hockey practice.