Sunday, June 22, 2008

Parental Supervision required

Mommy and Daddy went to the WalMart Supercenter near our cabin to get groceries for our first weekend there. I stayed home to watch "the boys" and see if I could get them to let me chase the fish near the shore.

There were 5 GROCERY items on Mommy and Daddy's list.

They came home with 5 huge bags of groceries and Mommy got this...

Daddy got this....

Mommy's fits in her pocket and takes cool pictures and videos of me - Daddy's is huge and I don't get anything from it!

Here's a video Mom took of me playing with the neighbor puppies off the dock

Here's one of me doing some morning fishing for those darn sunnies that swim around my legs teasing me

Here's some shots Mom took while she was playing with her camera. They are of Dad and my big brothers.

I better go supervise - Mom and biggest brother are putting together Dad's new grill while Dad and littlest brother are off to hockey practice.



Diane said...

AUGH!!!! I want to come visit! I'll bring food and yarn :) We'll have 4 stinky teenaged boys and 3 boisterous dogs plus two adorable spouses. Those pictures are fantastic. Handsome lovable boys and husband. Get someone to take your picture (not like me)

Tracie said...

That sounds like heaven - let's do it!