Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pain in the neck!

Chris turned his head to take a breath while doing the front crawl this morning while swimming in school.... and heard a crack and then had shooting pains from the tip of his shoulder to the top of his head.

Turns out we made a trip to the doctor, then the physical therapist for the first of 6 scheduled sessions. This session included electrodes to try to relax the muscles that were having the spasms ... some heat... and a massage.

We'll try to get things under control so he can move his head again. Goalies that can't move their heads aren't very useful on the ice.

Those x's on his back are suppose to be in a straight line - ouch!

Ribby Slipper Socks for Chris

These are pictures I took of some quick slippers I made for Chris the last 2 nights. He said it was chilly in his room so a pair of slippers he received. ;-)

I used the pattern from the Holiday 2008 magazine from Interweave Knits with Rowan Bulky (black ) yarn and some red Lamb's Pride Worsted from my stash. Each slipper took one evening.

He wants bells and/or puffy pom poms on the toes. He loved the way I sewed them flat. They are pretty funky looking.

Now Tom is thinking he would like a pair with really pointey toes.

I can't believe my "baby" is almost 6 feet tall with 11 inch feet!