Friday, October 20, 2006

Knitting bags

We have had a lively discussion on the KnittingParents yahoo group I'm on. There are so many really nice bags out there I had to share mine. :) There are shots here of my notions bag - this gets moved from bag to bag and includes everything I will need for knitting.

There's a shot of the basket that holds tons and is wonderful to just dump stuff in and go. It was great in the car traveling cross country this summer - contained all the "car" stuff and kept it from rolling around. Sometimes it gets too big however because the men in my life tend to put their things in it too. :)

The last 2 shots are another knitting bag I use. This one is much easier to toss in and go with - it is lighter than the basket and holds a lot in a smaller space. I love the long strap. It has lots of pockets and is crushable where the basket is not. There were 2 skein holder pockets on the bag as well but they stuck out too far and bugged me so I took them off. I haven't regretted it.

How do you transport your knitting?

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