Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Football already?

Would you believe DS#1 had a meeting at school tonight to get ready for football practice. It starts next Wednesday. I can't believe it - school already? Have I had enough time lounging in the sunshine yet?

DS#2 had a hockey game tonight (they won) - what has my life become when I spend a night in the beginning of August involved in hockey and football. Sheesh! :)

I've managed to get 90% of the front of the Last Minute Stripes sweater complete. I am just starting the one shoulder - hoping to finish tomorrow night. I'm thinking the sleeves should really be done on DPN so I don't have to seam up the entire arm. Much more comfy for baby arms than a big seam.

The Interweave Knits e-newsletter I received today had a link to this neat Ms. Poppins carpetbag pattern - another one for the "must do" list!

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