Monday, January 04, 2010

Mom, my truck won't start...

by 5:30 when hubby and I got there, it had turned into:
1) Jump start it with the Buick
2) Dig out the snow piled into the back
3) find a portable air compressor and refill the front right tire (that is only 8 days old!)

Testosterone poisoning? Revenge of the teacher who had their vehicle buried and didn't know Mom and Dad would pay?

At least I finally got to wear my "Elmer Fudd" hat since it was almost -10!


Diane said...

so this is not a natural occurrence? There were humans involved? sorry. You've got a great family to jump in and dig out at that hour.

Tracie said...

I think a small bobcat was involved. ;-) Not that there probably wasn't some snow there anyway just from being parked outside but I couldn't even see out the back window!