Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let the games begin...

As is normal for hockey season, other things tend to slow down. Sorry I haven't posted lately but I've been having so darn much fun with hockey this year.

Chris and Tom are BOTH playing for the high school JV and Varsity teams this year which has been an incredible change for us parents. The school bus takes them to and from practice every day after school. When they have "early" practice, they get home at the same time as me... "late" practice means they are home by 7. We actually have entire evenings together! There's time for homework, television/knitting and just general hanging out. It is wonderful! Of course as wonderful as this sounds, keep in mind that games are twice a week so Tuesday's and Friday's we are watching our favorite hockey players in games that get us home anywhere between 10 pm and midnight. Uff-da ;-) The boys arrive home 45-60 minutes later after heading to their locker room to put away their gear and then bus back to the high school

Have I mentioned another great part of HS hockey? They have a locker room - all their smelly gear stays at the RINK! Aaaaaaah

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