Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lamb's Pride felting - WOW

I have a front loading washer that locks and won't let you open the door until after the cycle is completely spun dry. In the past I have felted with Cascade 220 and Noro Kureyon yarn. Last night, I was washing blankets and towels from downstairs and thought I would throw the bag in for it's first run through the washer. It usually takes at least 3 times through.

Warning - Lamb's Pride Worsted is wonderful for felting! It came through the one wash cycle almost completey finished. However, it did felt to itself and get all creased in several areas. I've managed to pull it apart, but this next time I will need to use someone's top loader so I can check on it every 5 minutes. Another load through my washer I believe will be the end of it. I'll have a great creased felted sculpture.

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