Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday already?

How did it get to be Sunday already? It seems like just an hour ago I was leaving work ready for the weekend... where did it go? It was at or near 100 F here all weekend! Way too hot to do anything. Our youngest son had a hockey clinic in town so Grandma and Grandpa took over taxi duties and we escaped to the lake (how lucky are we that Grandma and Grandpa not only live in town, but enjoy taking over the taxi duties every now and then) . It was really nice to have one child to focus on and it was amazingly bicker free - until this afternoon when we were all reunited. How is it that siblings can be absolutely cruel to each other, yet no one else can get you laughing quite as hard. I finished a dish cloth while at the lake, it promptly went in the drawer to be used and no picture was taken, sigh. . .

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