Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cabin pictures

We like to spend every chance we can at the cabin. We still haven't finished everything inside, but it's close enough to spend some time enjoying instead of building. These are shots of the cabin from the lake - you can see the screen porch that runs the whole lake side of the cabin. This is where we spend most of our time.

This is also a shot of the boys and Drake that I took last summer. It's one of my favorite shots. They love to jump off the dock and have fun in the water.

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Diane Thornton said...

Tracey, welcome to Blogspot. I'm so glad you've joined us and I am deeply flattered that you included a link to my blog as well. Your cabin is a dream. As a twinkie mom (2 boys, almost 14 and 12, 3 cats and one dog) I can see how a cabin and lake like that would be a sanity saver. I think I'll start hinting to meet you there for a knitting up! Happy productive knitting today.