Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yarn crawl results

There may have been some items that followed me home yesterday...


Diane said...

Funny, I don't see a project in that yarn. Was there method to the madness? I can't sort out that bag thing, does it use a horse bridle as the handle? The yarn looks so soft and did you get the market basket on the trip too? Double score!

Tracie said...

Hopefully it will be lots of projects! :-)

The 2 skeins of the nummy chunky multi colored yarn will be a thick wide scarf for me to brighten my black coat.

There are 2 skeins of sock yarn in the middle that will match sweaters I've made in those same Cascade colorways.

The 2 blue colorways/skeins on the right will be felted slippers for me.

The 2 skeins of Eco Cascade on the bottom in the heather purple will be a vest or sweater for me - maybe the same one I made last year for Maggie?

The Purple soft yarn on the top left will be a cowl or scarf for Maggie in her college colors.

Last but not least are the browns and black colored balls on the top that will be a shawl from the new knitty for me.

It was fun to see the yarn shoppes but I felt a little guilty not spending my money at my LYS since I really want them to stay around for a very long time!

The market bag also was a find at a shop. I have another one very similar to it that I use all the time and I'm afraid it's going to fall apart so this will give me another one so they both last a little longer.