Thursday, April 15, 2010

Man vs Tree

I am working over at another facility this week in a real office with the entire wall behind me a glass window – LOVE IT! With this window, I daydreamed all afternoon about the evening I was going to have that involved meat on the grill, a glass of wine and the Adirondack chair on the deck… or a round of golf. Since I’m leaving for Idaho again on Sunday it was my last free night to just relax…. The golf course didn’t have any tee times until after 7 pm, so I decided to relaxe on the deck.

When I got home, T. had just finished mowing the lawn - good sign for my night! He wasn’t even asked to do it :-)

I changed clothes, grabbed a book and started to go out on the deck to wait for hubby to get home and heard a vehicle coming up the alley. The vehicle turned out to be T.’s truck – bad sign! He decided it would be a great night to take down that big maple that died last spring from our yard.

Needless to say it was almost 8 pm when I called Godfather’s for pizza and attempted to get the slivers out of my hands and clean up all the scratches on my arms. UGH We will definitely have more sunshine on the flower beds this year!

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Anonymous said...

Gosh! I hope you didn't tire him out! We have a patio/backyard project this's so nice he has an "incentive" to come see us and is always so willing to work :-)