Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oregon Vest - FINISHED

Two years after being done knitting this vest, I have finally gotten the cloth pockets sewn in. I am pleased with the pockets but not so much with the way they make the stretchy knit fabric so non-stretchy. It is hard to make the cotton cloth stretch when it isn't meant to but it surprised me what a difference it made.

This is detail of the pocket, you can't even see the pretty fabric from here....


Diane said...

Looks comfy, wish it had more shaping to flatter your slim figure though. Did you knit it out of KnitPicks bulky alpaca blend? I recognize the yarn. It used to be called Sierra but they changed the name.

Tracie said...

It was about 2 sizes too big so I gave it to a friend of mine at work who is thrilled. I'm going to make it again but in the correct size. I need to get better at fitting my real body size and not the size I think I am. ;-)

I made it out of Ella Rae Amity Solid. It's an acrylic blend that knits up great but my next one will be wool. I love the easy care of tossing it in the wash but I miss the feel of the wool.