Monday, October 20, 2008

Dallas Texas Conference

I made it to the conference in Dallas with no problems - yeah! My room is on the 5th floor with a great view of the top of the connecting building but there's blue sky and sunshine when I look up. :-)

The hotel has 2 Atrium's that rooms are around, my room is a huge corner room with a gigantic king bed with 5 pillows and it's all for little old me! I'm loving it!

The down side? The atrium ouside my door is all brick and glass which makes things echo nicely which wouldn't be so bad since people clear out for the most part at night, that is other than the mariachi band in the Mexican restaurant in one corner and the Piano bar in the other corner. Makes for strange medley's.... good thing they both close at 11 pm.

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Deb Mattson Swanberg said...

Hey Tracie! I ran across your blog while looking at Bill & Linda's Excellent Adventure :-) Page...
Dallas looks wonderful compared to cold and wet St Peter. Enjoy some downtime away from your boys.
Deb S.