Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Clapotis beginning

I have started the Clapotis I am making. I'm using Cascade 220 Paints yarn and the pattern from Knitty.

The yarn is really beautiful and I love the fact that it isn't striping. You can see on the very tip of the Clapotis where I started out using markers. It was taking so long I didn't think I would EVER be done. I then used the tip from the Ravelry group and made the stitch that will be dropped later a Purl stitch. This made it so that I could remove the markers and my speed increased very dramatically. The piece in my hand is what I did with the markers... the rest of it was done in a similar time frame but is a lot bigger. I seem to be cruising along now.

I am really loving the texture in the Clapotis and can't wait until my first dropped stitch.

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