Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Great Room Switcheroo

I'm not sure whose bright idea this was to begin with - but it sure is a lot of work. Chris and I are switching rooms. He is getting what was my sewing/craft room in the basement, and I am getting his bedroom upstairs on the main floor. It will be nice to have the boys further apart and Chris goes to bed earlier than everyone else so will get more quiet at night... but so much work!

His new room downstairs has been completely emptied, repainted and furniture moved in. I still have one cabinet with items in it but he should be ready to fully unpack and get settled.

My new "activities" room upstairs? Well, let's just say almost everything is in there - but it's not even remotely close to being organized. I got rid of 5 huge garbage bags full of "treasures" and there's still a lot of items. I'm hopeful that the close proximity to the living area and our bedroom will enable me to get more time in the room to accomplish things. There's material I bought to make the boys clothes back when they were itty bitty that just never got done. Not to mention all the quilt materials, stained glass, painting, polar fleece, yarn. I need to get crackin' and produce some stuff out of all that stuff.

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