Sunday, April 15, 2007

Oregon Vest Class

I signed up for another class at my LYS... the Oregon Vest by Oat Couture natural knitting. I am really liking it! The pattern is written for 3 weights of yarn, Worsted, Bulky or Super Bulky. My goal is for this vest to stay in the car when we are traveling around this summer and be used for those runs into the hockey arena for youngest son's games. I wanted to use chunky yarn for warmth, but wanted easy washability so I wouldn't be upset if it gets smooshed in between hockey equipment in the back of the truck. I chose ella rae Amity yarn in a pretty midnight blue (color 20). I have the back complete and 10 inches of the left front. I'm really liking the twisted rib stitch, it's amazing what knitting in the back of the stitch will do for the look of rib.

The two big reasons I took the class is because we are going to learn how to put in a zipper... and pockets on a side seam. There are 3 vests made in different sizes at the store, one of them has cloth for the pockets instead of knitted fabric. I'm going to try that version.... I'm concerned about keys and things going through the fabric in knitted pockets, not to mention a triple layer of bulky knitted fabric right at my stomach/hip area.

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