Sunday, December 03, 2006

Last Minute Stripes is complete!

The Last Minute Stripes sweater is complete. I made it in the sized 3-6 months. You can see my billfold next to it in the one photo. (My billfold is 7.5 inches wide.) It seems so tiny I'm not sure how itty bitty the 0-3 month size would have been!

The sweater was completed on Saturday and delivered to the new Mommie and Daddie for baby Cole who was born on November 22nd. We are hoping to have lots of time ice skating and playing with Cole and big brother Liam in the months and years ahead!

This sweater took a VERY long time to make - the sock yarn and size one needles didn't agree with the limited time I have to knit but it is gorgeous and I'm sure Cole will look dashing in it. I would like to try a sweater with the self striping sock yarn again, preferably one without all the separate pieces to seam together. :)

Now... on to finishing Grandma's Branching out scarf - it's half way done and I'm anxious to block it and see it bloom.

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Anonymous said...

Nice sweater and nice name! My eldest is named Cole...and we though we were being so original.